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IET's R T D Simulators allow you to generate a precise resistance in order to calibrate equipment and systems that read the output of R T D's, Resistance Temperature Detectors. IET manufactures one of the most extensive lines of R T D simulators available. From cost effective units for a few hundred dollars, to the highest performance models, IET has a solution for your needs. One advantageous feature of all IET R T D Simulators is that they employ real physical resistors. Many competitive R T D calibrators that use simulated resistors are incorrectly designed, since they do not account for signal polarity. Here is a thumbnail summary of what is available. The R S R T D is our most cost effective option. This unit provides resistance up to 10 Kill-OH-Ohms, with a resolution of 10 Milli-Ohms making it useful for simulating any type of R T D, be it P T-100, P T-1000 etcetera. The R S R T D is portable, rugged, and easy to use. (show RS-RTD series page of website during this paragraph: http://www.ietlabs.com/rtds/rs-rtd-resistance-substitution-box.html) Our O S 2 70 is engineered as the ideal R T D simulator. This light weight, precision, microprocessor controlled unit redefines user friendly. When designing the O S 2 70, we thought of everything. For example, the unit offers the ability to store R T D conversion tables so you can see both resistance and temperature values. For increased precision, all contact resistance is eliminated. The O S offers the precision of a lab instrument with the portability, price, and functionality of a field instrument. (Show OS-270 page during this paragraph: http://www.ietlabs.com/os-270-resistance-decade-box-rtd-simulator.html For ultra high performance, at a reasonable price, consider our R T D X and R T D Z Series. These stretch the specifications envelope in every direction. With a high accuracy of 50 P P M for the Z models, and 100 P P M for the X models, and with a resolution of twenty -- five thousands of a degree Celsius, any instrument can be easily calibrated with these units. Unlike a typical decade resistor, the R T D series has a unique design where all contact or switch resistance is eliminated. (Show RTD page during this paragraph: http://www.ietlabs.com/rtd.html Finally for R-S-232 or I triple E computer controlled, programmable models that are suitable for automated test stations, you should be looking at our PRTD Series. (show PRTD series page on website: http://www.ietlabs.com/rtds/prtd-x-6-0-001-ieee-programmable-rtd-simulator.html
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