Resistance Decade Box Overview - IET Labs

IET manufactures the most extensive line of decade resistors available in the world. 19 distinct series cover the extraordinary range of one Milli-Ohm to ten Tera-Ohms. We have a model that will fill any conceivable requirement or budget. Here is a thumbnail summary of what is available. The R S series is the most cost effective and the most popular. Available from 10 Milli-Ohms to 100 Meg-Ohms, with accuracies ranging from point 1 percent to 1 percent, these rugged units are controlled by easy to use thumbwheel switches. (show RS series page of website during this paragraph: ) Our OS series, are microprocessor based decade resistors that are designed to redefine user friendly. These units can source any resistance up to 20 Meg-Ohms with very good stability and accuracy. (Show OS series page during this paragraph: ) For high performance, calibration grade decade resistors, consider our H-A-R-S, (Stress the "A") G R, 14 33 or E S I, D B 62 series. With a high accuracy of zero point zero 1 percent these units provide any range of resistance from 1 Milli-Ohm to 100 Meg-Ohms, with exceptional stability and temperature coefficients. (show HARS, 1433, DB62 series pages during this paragraph. It time is limited leave out DB62 ) The HARS--L X (Say HARS as one word Stress the LX) is not only the pinnacle of the IET decade resistor line, it is the highest performing series of decade resistors available in the world. It presses the specifications envelope in every direction. The HARS L X Series has an accuracy of 20 P P M and is available from 1 Milli-Ohm to 100 Meg-Ohms. (show HARS-LX series page on website: ) For very high resistances requirements up to 10 Tera-Ohm consider our, H- R -R-S, H-R-R-S-5-k-V, or H- R-R-S-10-K-V Series. If you are just looking for up to 11 fixed high resistance values like 100 Gig-Ohm and 1 Terra-Ohm consider the V-R-S series. (show HRRS-5kV and VRS series on website: ) For high power requirements, up to 250 watts, look at the H-P-RS --Series (show HRPS series page on website: ) ) Finally for R-S-232 or I triple E computer controlled, programmable models that are suitable for automated test stations, you should be looking at our PRS Series. (show PRS series page on website: )
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